Yesterday, my kids and I went to the thrift store. I needed to find clothes for Fashionista who is outgrowing everything faster than I can find clothes that fit her! While we were there, RoboBoy found a computer they had for sale and starting playing games on it. LOL Leave it to one of my kids to find a way to occupy themselves with tech while in the thrift store!!

ManBoy, who had brought some of his allowance with him, found a handheld Jeopardy game and a 500 piece puzzle. After we had finished all our shopping and errands we ended up at grandma’s while waiting for time to go get MyHero from work. All three of my kids and I were sitting in grandma’s living room floor working on that puzzle! What fun it was working together like that! I told my kids, “Puzzles are really good for your brain!”

This has got me thinking about online puzzle games! Tangrams are a great example of a puzzle type game that is good for our brains. Another one of my favorites is the sliding puzzle. In fact, there are tons of fun brain games on Learning Games For Kids! Be careful though! Once you get started playing these, you may not want to stop!

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