Reading Skills

We live in a culture where reading and spelling is turned on it’s heel when it comes to most technology. LOLZ, BRB,¬†AFAIAA, IDK, IMHO and tons more are recognized by teens almost universally. There are whole text translators available to us less hip parents who are clueless as to what many of these letters, seemingly thrown randomly together, are supposed to mean.


Did you know that there are stages of reading development that kids go through in learning to read? They don’t just start out already knowing all those acronyms even though it may seem like it to us. It actually takes a systematic building up of skills to reach reading proficiency. These start with very simple things like understanding that print has meaning and realizing that there are letters in their own name. This progresses until the child is able to comprehend and explain to someone else what they have read.


Time4Learning is a great example of technology that can improve rather than wreck your child’s spelling and reading comprehension!


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