SAT Prep

How many of you have a child, I mean teen, who will be needing to get ready for the Scholastic Assessment Test, SAT  for short, this year?  There are all kinds of places to get some extra prep for this test. Time4Writing has a great program to get the extra help you need for the SAT writing portion of the test that was added in 2005.  There are 6 areas that need to be learned to be able to write an essay that will get a high score.

  1. Good critical thinking
  2. Appropriate support
  3. Good organization
  4. Skillful use of language
  5. Sentence variety
  6. Good editing skills

Time4Writing covers all of them in their course.  There are other areas that your child/teen might need a little bit of help to improve on.  I found some fun SAT games. There are games that cover math vocabulary, pick a parts of speech, match it definitions and many more.

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