FUN Holiday Resources

My kids love this time of year. They love getting ready for Christmas, and they really enjoy learning about the other winter holidays that are honored and celebrated.

And to be honest, they love having a break from their “regular” homeschool stuff, lol. We have so much going on this time of year, it’s hard to maintain any sort of schedule or routine. Having said that though, I don’t want them doing nothing as far as school work goes.

So how can we continue learning, but have holiday fun too? By finding and using holiday resources like these:

Holiday word lists from VocabularySpellingCity – this site has TONS of holiday word lists. Use them to create fun printables, like crossword puzzles and word searches, and/or for online game play. Here are just a few lists pulled from their site…
*Hanukkah Spelling List
*Christmas Spelling List
*Winter Solstice Spelling List
*New Year’s Eve Spelling List

Here’s a great site for learning the Vocabulary of the Holidays.

Creative Holidays for Teens – great ideas from the Let’s Homeschool High School team.

Is your homeschool a secular homeschool? There are resources for you too! Holiday Learning Resources for the Secular Homeschooler.

Hope you find these helpful, and I wish you and yours a very happy holiday, no matter which holiday it is you celebrate! 🙂

I found this beautiful image here:

I found this beautiful image here:


Help for Busy Homeschoolers

This time of year is always crazy busy for us. We have family spread out and we do a lot of traveling to visit everyone. There are more activities with our homeschool group, and there are more things to see and do around us; Christmas lights, holiday parades, shopping, etc.

So it’s now, when I need the most help as far as quick homeschool ideas. Things I can find for them to work on, that I don’t have to put a lot of planning into.  I rely, not surprisingly, on the Internet for this help. Typically, I like to formally “break” for the month of December, but I don’t want the boys to do nothing, so we focus on holiday specific stuff.

The boys love learning about winter holidays other than the one we celebrate. Lapbooking or little unit studies are a great way to do this. They can make holiday specific recipes, learn and document about the history of the holiday (for my older one, this documentation could be written or drawn, but for the younger one, this is mostly drawn) and more.

Since spelling and reading are areas we rarely take a break from, they will also work on holiday spelling lists and go through some book reviews to find holiday related activities/books.

Share with me! What are some of your resources for homeschool help…holiday specific or not. 🙂

Homeschooling Through the Holidays

Most homeschoolers are fortunate enough to be able to alter their school schedule around their winter holiday of choice. Our family, for example, generally tries to take off from Thanksgiving to New Year’s. It’s a long break, but one we really need.

Having said that, over the years I’ve discovered that my boys don’t do well with extended breaks. It’s not so much that they can’t remember what they learned prior to the break, but that it just takes so long to get back into the swing of things.

december-month-winter-kidsSo now, we do “school-lite” during the holidays. I take words from the holiday we celebrate, Christmas, and plug them into the website we use in place of a traditional homeschool spelling curriculum.  They can then use that word list to play games, practice handwriting, etc.

We also enjoy learning about other holidays. How the holiday started, what traditions do the holidays carry, foods that are traditionally served, etc. After extensive “Googling” and “Wiki-ing,” (I think “Wiki-ing” should be an actual word, don’t you?), they enjoy doing unit studies or little mini essay writing exercises, talking about the different holidays they’ve learned about.

What about you? Does your homeschooling schedule change around the holidays? How so?