Fun with Social Studies

Social studies can be such a fun subject to teach and learn. Whether you and your kids prefer a workbook or textbook based social studies curriculum, or whether they prefer an online homeschool social studies program, there are ways to have fun with the subject.

Field trips can be tons of fun and really educational, all at the same time. Check out some local history spots, or visit a museum.

Play games! Learning Games for Kids offers quite a few (and FREE!) social studies games on their site.

Historical television programs and documentaries. Yep, I said it. Use your TV as an educational tool. 😉

What are some of the ways that you and your children have had fun with teaching and learning social studies?


Summer Learning, Had Me A Blast…

Wait…that’s not how the song goes, is it? 😉


So let’s talk gearing up for summer. How many of you fabulous readers do school, in some form or fashion, during the summer? Do you have public/private schoolers that have to go to summer school? Is the summer a time when you need a little help with tutoring?

What about the homeschoolers out there? Do you take a summer break, or do you do the year round thing?

We homeschool and technically do the year round thing, but usually we end up finished with the current grade level by the end of July or so. So, there’s some time off because we don’t start the next school year until after Labor Day. This works out well for us. Because, my guys…I tell ya, if they had 2.5 – 3 months off from school, they wouldn’t remember A THING, lol.

In our break time, or if we need a light school day because we want to play, we focus on some things they don’t find “school-ish.”

Apps and games!

There are tons of educational apps out there, and honestly, spelling games on their Spelling City app is the least frustrating way we have to get them to do willingly do spelling.

Online games are a great way to reinforce and retain. You can find websites that offer free games; everything from math games and art games, to literature games online and Latin learning games. Game play usually equals fun, and I’m all about trying to make learning fun!

Now tell me. What are your summer learning plans?