Learning About Our States Online

My mother-in-law loves to tell me the story of how, when she had one of her grandsons living with her, she helped him learn all the state capitols for school using a game they found online. In honor of recently passed Independence Day, I’d like to talk about a fun way for kids to learn about each of the states online. Learninggamesforkids.com is a great site that has all kinds of fun learning games for kids.

In the US State Games section, kids can choose a state or learn about all 50 states. The games include fun activities like word search, unscramble and story blanks. For each state there is a short paragraph giving details about that particular state.

Want MORE? Head over to www.spellingcity.com. They have tons of fun games that will help kids learn about each of our 50 states. There are crossword puzzles, flash cards and even sentence and paragraph writing practice. What a great way to extend the celebration of our freedoms and extend the learning too!