Taking Tech Outside!

As promised in my last post, I’m sharing how you can get outside in the fresh air and still keep your geek on! While this is not necessarily an educational activity, it certainly is a fun family activity.


Geocaching is the geek way to treasure hunt! You use a GPS device to find containers that other people have hidden. Once you find it,  you sign the register that can be found inside the container. You can also take a treasure but are asked to leave one of equal or higher value. These are usually cheap little trinkets. Sometimes people will leave an object that is like their calling card. Our family has found caches containing a little rubber ducky with the words, “Mr. Ducky was here” written on it.


There are also trackable items that you can purchase to place in the cache when you find one. These are fun because you can keep track of who has found it and how far it has traveled. If you want to turn this into an educational experience, you could have your kids learn more about the different places your trackable travels to.


There are special rules of etiquette involved in geocaching. One of the main ones is “cache in, trash out”. This basically means to take any of your trash back out with you and dispose of it properly. Geocachers also feel a responsibility to clean up any trash they find that other’s have left behind.


It used to be that you needed a special GPS device to enjoy geocaching. Not so anymore! These days, there are apps you can use on your iPhone or Android. This is making it easier for most everyone to participate. No longer do you need to invest in a costly gadget to get started.


If you would like to find out more, check out geocaching.com

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