Teach Preschoolers Their Colors and More

If you have a preschooler in your house then you might be tempted to think that there isn’t any tech out there for them to learn with. Happily, you couldn’t be more wrong. There are tons of apps targeted to teaching preschoolers, that is if you are willing to hand your expensive and delicate smart phone to a toddler!

It has been years since I’ve had a toddler in my house, but I know of a couple of great sites for teaching them. One is called Learning Games For Kids.com. They have a page dedicated just to preschool learning games. Little ones can listen to the Color Mixing Song, play Match Three Colors, go to the Counting Carnival¬†or have a preschool story read to them. That’s just a small sampling of the fun games included here.

The next site is Time4Preschool.com. This is an entire site dedicated to teaching little ones. They provide activities for both online and offline learning. The focus is on preschool math and reading readiness. I personally can’t think of a more fun way for little people to get ready for school!

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