The fly was about to fly into the window.

Got to love those multiple meaning words like I used in the title.  These can sometimes be hard to teach.  Specially when your child has a hard time with spelling and reading to begin with.  We have been explaining to our son the importance of spelling. I love how spelling has this great set of games to help my son out with these. explains those words like this…

Within these two main groups, multiple meaning words can have differences:

  • different capitalization — “You may see a rainbow in May.”
  • different punctuation — “I sent my résumé hoping to find a job and resume working.”
  • different parts of speech — “I like to run” (verb) vs. “I like to go for a run” (noun)
  • different tense — “I would like to read the book you just read.”
  • different degrees (literal or figurative) — “The general ranks above the corporal” vs. “The plane flies above the rooftops.”
We have been using the games on to help my son improve on the use of these words.

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