Using #Hashtags on Facebook

hashtag infographic

Are you a social networker? If so, you are probably aware of the use of hashtags on Twitter. But, did you know that Facebook recently rolled out the ability to use hashtags there as well?

Why does this matter?

Hashtags are an incredible search tool! I’m a homeschooler, and I like to keep up with what other homeschoolers are using in terms of curricula, resource materials, etc. I’m also a bigger fan of Facebook than Twitter. I’m a wordy sort, so I like to be able to say more than 140 characters worth. 😉

When I’m on FB, I no longer have to weed through two dozen “homeschool” pages to see if someone is talking about spelling. I can do a quick look for #homeschoolspelling and voila…a list of posts/pages talking about #homeschoolspelling appears before me. If I need to find new and interesting unit studies, I just find #unitstudies. SO easy!

As a matter of fact, there is even a new FB page, Homeschool Hashtags, you can go to, to see how others are using hashtags. They have a list of common hashtags that are being used, and you can post on their wall with new hashtag suggestions.

While these hashtags do seem to target homeschoolers, don’t worry; anyone can benefit from searching with them. Just start #ing and let the info come to you!

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