We Speak Latin!

On the way to VBS day camp this morning, my kids got into a conversation about what the words “uni” and “bi” and “tri” mean. Then I was telling them that “dec” means ten and “penta” means five. Yes, this is a pretty typical kind of conversation in our family.

When we got there, my two older kids took off to go fulfill their volunteer duties. My youngest and I continued the conversation. He thought it is really cool that so much of our language is made up of Latin roots. He told me that he couldn’t wait to tell all his friends that he speaks Latin! When they act all surprised he planned to tell them, “So do YOU!”

Then he started quizzing me about what other words have Latin roots. I told him, “When you get home today, I will show you a cool site where you can play games that teach you the Latin roots.” He responded with an, “Oh, COOL!!!”┬áJust so you can know about it too, the site is called Vocabulary.co.il. There are all sorts of fun vocabulary games on there! Check it out! You just might discover that you speak more than one language as well!

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