Writing in a digital age

Oddly, kids are said to be writing more today than in yesteryear.  But, it’s mostly texts and chats and it’s frequently written using a language unknown just a decade ago. OMG :->

They use abbreviations and emojis, is it really writing? You bet it is.  WTF, the current president got elected largely on the basis of his tweets. How much more validation does short form writing need before the educational establishment wakes up and starts teaching it.

I just read about the Easy Writing Tutor’s support of Four Trait Writing. Very interesting. They foresee that these programs will support this innovative approach to writing instruction and formatting.

The Types of Writing
Blending Writers Workshop
Student Writing Practice

And I quote them:

Four-Trait Writing© is an update of a traditional approach to the learning of the craft. Under pressure to correctly create an essay to fit the rigid standardized testing guidelines, students are not usually given the opportunity to broaden their writing horizons for today’s electronically connected world.
Four-Trait Writing provides students a framework both to write successfully for today’s high stakes test and to discover writing beyond the formal essay. Students have the chance to find their voice when writing for the internet, editorials, and even dialogue.
So, what are the Four Traits of successful writing? They are:
1. Content – Story and Logic
2. Style (Sentence Variety and Structure)
3. Mechanics (Spelling, Punctuation, Capitalization Rules)
4. Media & Voice (Persuasion; Objective Journalism; Internet Writing; Dialogue: Plays and Scripts)

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