Youngest Spelling Bee Contestant Uses Tech!

The news is aBUZZ about a 6 year old homeschooler who has qualified for the¬†Scripps National Spelling Bee. I love the fact that she’s homeschooled! Score another point for homeschool!! But this blog isn’t necessarily about homeschooling. It’s about utilizing technology as a learning tool. Lori Ann’s mother has done this beautifully! Lori Ann’s favorite way to study her spelling words is using spelling

Spellingcity has all kinds of games that help make learning to spell fun. Parents and teachers can even set up spelling lists that are tailored to what their students are learning. I’m sure this feature was a great help in preparing Lori Ann to qualify for the National Spelling Bee.

Congratulations to Lori Ann! Kudos to your mom for embracing technology as one of the many ways for you to learn!

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